The Menekshe Group. Where Imagination Meets Renovation

The Menekshe Group. Where Imagination Meets Renovation

There’s an old adage from a George Bernard Shaw play, ‘Man and Superman’: “Those who can, do; those who can’t teach.” Essentially saying that it is easier to teach someone how to go about a task than actually do the task itself. While that might be true in some professions, there is something to be said for a general contractor (GC) who can do, and teach. Benni Bayat is one such GC. A trained interior designer, Benni realized when she was going through the stress of remodeling her own home that finding a trustworthy, hardworking contractor was harder than she thought.

IMG 8333“I had a hard time finding a really good, reliable GC who understood my concerns.” It was enough to motivate her to start a company of her own. “I wanted to ease for my clients the challenges and hassles I’d faced during the (home renovation process).” The Menekshe Group specializes in myriad services, from bathroom and kitchen remodels to custom pools and landscaping. Media rooms, entertainment areas, iron work; even sauna design. “Our designers will take any space and give it new life. We reimagine your space to ensure each facet is maximally useful and beautiful.”

thumbnail IMG 8616Menekshe’s goals for each client are entrenched in the values of transparency and quality. Being organized, meeting deadlines, and being present at the job site are all extremely important to Benni’s team-and makes all the difference for their clients.

“We have more freedom to pivot if we need to; make on-the-job decisions about material selection and designs,” she says. “Each moment we spend with you decreases the stress of the process by half.” Best of all? It lessens the overall cost of the projects as well. Turns out, those who can, do; but also show the best how it’s done.

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