Make Money from Your Property with Point Design, Inc.

Make Money from Your Property with Point Design, Inc.

As we look ahead to our retirement years, my husband has long touted the importance of creating passive revenue streams - in short, it’s money that requires almost no effort to earn, and moreso, even less effort to maintain.

Which is why when friends and family who have the space in their back or side yard ask him for advice, he will invariably steer them to consider the idea of building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property.

Haven’t heard of ADUs? They’re the most innovative and frankly, affordable, option to add housing and create additional income for homeowners right here in already crowded SoCal. By using land that you already own, you can create a passive income.

Accessory Dwelling Units are a specialty of Point Design, Inc., a structural engineering and construction firm that has been helping homeowners maximize their home and land’s value since 2013. Providing efficient, valuable additions and new construction with an emphasis on aesthetics and budgetary restrictions isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s one thing Company Founder Jay Hosseinzadeh and his team of professionals do exceedingly well. They will design and build an ADU (rental unit, office, granny unit, casita) on your lot that you can then rent out. What’s that worth? Well, let’s do the math: the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Orange County and Los Angeles is $1,800.

If you were to spend $150,000 to build a 600 s.f., one bedroom ADU and collect $1,800 per month rent, it would take about 7.5 years to recoup the cost. Not bad! If you were going to finance an ADU, it will take longer to recoup the cost of your investment (please consult your loan broker).

With a background in structural engineering and construction for over thirty years, Jay has been the engineer of record for a large number of commercial, retail, hospitality, institutional, industrial and residential buildings and government projects throughout California and across the nation.

“Everything I’ve learned since my early days at California State University, Los Angeles adds up to responsible, tailored, communicative solutions,” he says. “No two markets are the same, be it retail or residential, and so we strive to do more with less, building open and honest relationships along the way with our clients.”

Point Design’s mission is pretty simple, and all points lead to adding value to their building projects. Being client-centered means they communicate to and remain with their customer the entire length of the project, from design, to development, to scheduling, to project completion.

Though ADUs have been called by many names; granny flats, in-law units, cottages; Jay’s expertise lies in developing cost-effective, structurally sound, earthquake resistant designs which don’t require additional land, major infrastructure, extra parking spots, or elevators. Keep your family close, let your parents age in place comfortably, or rent it out: however you slice it, Point Design Inc. is here to help. Regardless of whether your goal is to share space independently from others or increase your monthly revenue, ADUs will maximize your property’s value.

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